How to Successfully Use Seasonal Branding Effectively for Your Business

If you’ve ever seen a Coca-Cola can with Santa Claus on it then you’re no stranger to the topic of this article. Seasonal branding is an extension and modification of your company’s general brand identity, which generally includes a visual representation of your company (your logo), a tagline you use on marketing collateral, your brand voice, and a promise. Seasonal branding gives your everyday look a little twist while still maintaining the core branding concept and company values. 

Examples of Seasonal Branding 

Seasonal branding can be used at many times throughout the year but it is often seen around the winter holidays. General examples of seasonal branding include integrating a seasonal feel to your logo, a certain color palette change on your website that matches the season, limited edition product, or updated marketing collateral or product packaging that screams tis’ the season.

Real-life examples of seasonal branding are probably easier to come by than you think. Take the Santa Claus on the Coke can for example. This is one we all probably know very well. Every year, Coca-Cola introduces Santa for the month of December to get everyone in the holiday spirit. If you didn’t like Coke before, you probably do for at least the month of December! Another perfect example of happy holiday seasonal branding is a Peppermint Mocha beverage in one of Starbucks’ signature red cups that the coffee giant introduces every winter. Not only is Starbucks introducing a new cup but they also introduce seasonal products to get in said cups. 

Benefits of Seasonal Branding

Branding efforts can take time to pay off, but the effect of seasonal branding is monumental. Let’s go through a few of the many benefits of seasonal branding. 

Seasonal branding allows you to: 

  1. Put a personal and relatable touch on the brand
  2. Show people that your company is dynamic and not afraid of change
  3. Adjust your messaging and potentially attract a new audience 
  4. Get creative and have fun with your branding 
  5. Standout in a newsfeed or on a billboard with untraditional colors, logos, font, mascots, etc. 
  6. Increase your SEO by keeping your website active and forcing search engines to crawl it more frequently 

How to Successfully Use Seasonal Branding 

Stay consistent

If you have a logo design that people associate your company with, changing it too drastically can have a negative impact. Your logo is the face of your company; changing it until it’s unrecognizable will lose the meaning and impact of your brand. It’s okay to tweak your logo slightly but keep your message and communication style consistent so that people won’t be confused about what your company is about. 

Plan early

Oftentimes, it’s easy to get caught up in current situations and we forget how quickly the seasons can change. Make sure you take time to plan well ahead for the upcoming season so that you’re well-prepared to promote the next changes in the brand. When you’re unprepared with content and messages, you will miss the opportunity and potential impact your company could have.

Have a goal in mind

Ask yourself what your purpose with seasonal branding is, whether it’s to promote a seasonal product or cater to consumers’ needs. Regardless of your goal, it’s important to have a purpose in mind. Without a purpose in mind for seasonal branding, it’s very easy to have scattered and aimless promotions. 

Consider your target audience

Certain ways of brand marketing can seem fun and appealing for some people, or it can seem forced and cheesy with other people. Gauge your audience and figure out what type of branding would resonate most with your audience, whether that’s humorous punchlines, witty jokes, or something completely different.

Finally, the most important factor is …

Stay true to your brand and message

Adding seasonal branding will be an impactful and important change to make, but you shouldn’t lose the essence of your business. Effective seasonal branding keeps your company’s identity with just a little something extra for the consumers. 

Last Notes and Inspirations

We often associate seasonal branding with the major holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but it’s not just limited to those three events. Seasonal branding occurs year-round and is a great opportunity to take advantage of certain holidays and change in seasons to highlight your own company, products, and services. 

The best opportunities can differ for every company based on what its purpose is. If you’re in the cleaning organization, spring could be your iconic time to give special “spring cleaning discounts” on cleaning supplies and put flowers in your logo. 

Take the time to note what your company specializes in and take advantage of any relatable holidays or times around the year that you can successfully brand seasonally for. If you’re unsure of how to brand seasonally, let us help you get a jump start on ideas to give you a greater chance of success. Contact us here.

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