Create a Brand Experience That Works

We live in a world that is more connected and intertwined than it has ever been before. From a marketing standpoint, this has forever changed the way consumers make purchasing decisions and ultimately develop loyalty towards one brand over another. With a world of information at their fingertips, consumers now are able to conduct research on the products they want and the brands that offer it, all with just a few taps on their smartphones.

Above all, these mindful consumers look to associate themselves with a brand based on its value. So how do you create an image of value for your brand? It all begins with a brand experience. Let’s dive into the ingredients for creating a high-quality brand experience.

Create Content that Connects with Your Audience on a Personal Level

Time and time again, the shotgun approach to marketing has proved to not only be ineffective but also a waste of time and resources. To build value in the mind of the consumer, they’ve got to be reached on a personal level. You can accomplish this by doing the following:

  • Learn what channels they spend their time on. You’re not going to find your target audience engaging on every platform. You should be spending most of your time on the same platforms where your audience is spending most of theirs.
  • Adopt their language. There’s value in a brand’s ability to understand the way in which their consumers communicate. Familiarizing yourself with popular terms shows your audience you care to understand them.
  • Stay consistent with your tone of voice. When trying to establish value, it’s important your message stays consistent and is aligned with your brand’s image. Deviating from a uniform tone can lead to confusion among consumers.

Do Not Compromise the Quality of Your Visual Content

Just as important as discovering where your audience lives online, and what tone of voice to use once you’re in front of them, is the quality of design in visual content your brand creates. Research shows that people are 2.3 times more likely to engage with a Facebook post that has an image attached to it over one with just words. With that being said, not just any visual graphics are going to do the job. Colors, font styles, and image choices all play a significant role in how valuable your brand is perceived to be. Try to place yourself in the shoes of the consumer and determine what designs will help create a connection between them and your product.

Tailor Your Brand’s Messaging Through Email Campaigns

The goal of presenting a cohesive image for your brand continues with your email marketing efforts. Remember, the best way to interact with the consumer is on a personal level. Get to know your customers and tailor your emails to address their interests and pain points (an how you can help solve those pain points!). Cookie-cutter emails will only lead your customers to unsubscribe.

Build Trust with Your Audience

Although the end goal for your company is to gain customers loyal to your brand, you must first build their trust in your brand. The best way to accomplish that is by being transparent about your brand’s values. Start by:

  • Telling your story/narrative. Mindful consumers are more willing to develop a connection to a brand with a cause. It gives your brand an image of authenticity.
  • Developing a personality for your brand. Although your brand isn’t a human being, it will create a certain level of comfort with your customers.

Once you have gained trust with your customer, the ultimate goal of brand loyalty becomes much more easily attainable.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Brand’s Experience

Like in all other aspects of business, the best way to determine success is by measuring. There are two different ways to assess the impact of a brand’s experience: qualitative measures and quantitative measures:

  • Quantitative metrics rely on numbers to measure success. These can include the number of visitors to your website or the number of likes, shares, and comments on your business’s social media pages.
  • Qualitative measures are less numbers-driven but can be just as effective. Qualitative measures include paying close attention to what consumers are saying about your brand, either through surveys, social media networks, or other online sources. Although these methods don’t provide answers based on concrete numbers, they offer intangible insight into how consumers perceive your brand.

Need Help Developing an Effective Brand Experience?

There’s a lot that goes into building a successful brand experience for your existing and potential customers. If you’re looking for guidance, the team at Vela Creative Co. is here to assist you!

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