Pages Your Website Needs for Success

You’ve heard it time and time again that your website is the front door of your business online. And it’s true! There are incredible benefits to having a website for your business. 

However, if you are in the planning phase of creating your website, it may seem like a daunting task.To make it simple, we’ve compiled a list of pages your website needs for success. 

Your Homepage

The most obvious page your website will have is a homepage. This is where a potential customer will land once typing in your URL or scanning your QR code. Your homepage is the most prominent page of your website and will truly be the “front door online” that everyone keeps telling you about.

It is on this page that you can showcase some of your most important information. This could be your branding and value proposition, photos of your location, your hours of operation, highlighting products/services, etc. Whatever you choose to place on this page will then set up your map for the rest of your website’s primary pages. 

Contact Page

The next in line for the best pages to include on your website is a contact page. On this page, you will want to link and embed the different ways your potential customers can reach you. This can include social media links, the best phone number to reach you, your business location, an email contact form, etc.

A few tips when it comes to setting up your contact page:

  • Link your phone number so users can tap on mobile to call you
  • Do not list your email address. This will help limit the number of spam messages you receive. 
  • Set up your contact form to go to a general email address such as or

About/Team Page

Before users reach out to you, they may want to learn a little more about you. An about page or a team page can be a great addition to share your organization’s mission and value proposition, as well as personalize your brand to highlight the faces they may meet when working with you or visiting your place of business. There are many ways to organize the page from simple headshots with names to individual biographies. This page is an excellent place to exercise your brand voice if you have a quirky or relaxed tone.

Product/Service(s) Page

If the visitor on your website is new to your business, it is important to direct them to your products or services. These pages will be the core of your website and the section that will lead to the most success if done correctly. Utilizing high-quality photos, graphics, and copy will be important. Making sure your products are linked to an ecommerce platform or your services are linked to a booking platform are a great “next step” for your users to engage with your business online.

Sitemap Page

Last, but not least, it is key to have a sitemap listed within your website. Although this page will not be the prettiest or most-visited by users, it is an essential page of how your website will perform online (SEO). On the sitemap, you will have a hierarchy of all the front-facing pages within your website listed out and linked. This means that any page that has value to the web visitor will need to be listed. The pages that are duplicated, archived, non-indexed, or utility are not needed to be listed.

Having a homepage, contact page, about/team page, product/service page(s), and a sitemap will lead your website to success. Although there are plenty of other pages you can add (such as a portfolio, a blog, additional resource pages, etc.) the five primary pages will be a great start to kick off your online presence and see the returns you deserve.

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