SEO Tips You Can Apply Today with Kim Fischer 

Kim Fischer is the founder of 13 Emeralds Marketing with an MA in digital marketing. She helps business owners optimize their SEO so they can achieve long-term results with ease. Kim’s goal is to help business owners gain more clients, grow their businesses, and give them the ease of having leads come to them.

 In this episode, you will hear:

  • Kim’s course of her entrepreneurial journey
  • SEO tips for both local and global leads
  • How you can optimize your website today

“Being able to help small businesses make big changes is the biggest win to me,” said Kim.

Kim is passionate about making SEO accessible for everyone, and she walks her clients through ​​balancing intuition with data to make data-driven decisions in their business. She believes in community over competition and emphasizes the importance of finding your people in the business landscape. 

Learn more about Kim on her website,, and on Instagram @13emeraldsmarketing.

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